How To Do Keywords Research- A Comprehensive Guide in 2018

How To Do Keywords Research- A Comprehensive Guide in 2018

     Always remember –  “Keywords” is a pillar of Search Engine Optimization.

Picking the correct keywords isn’t generally simple or instinctive and you require a great deal of information to know whether given keywords will work for you.

In this post, I am sharing a portion of the how to pick right keywords(long tail keywords)  in any specialty, importance of keywords research in SEO, Best free keywords research tools in 2018. Note that some of them are free, and a couple of them are paid. I will clarify the highlights of each, and you can pick anyone that suits your necessities.

If you know or do proper research what individuals are searching for, you get the chance to comprehend the situations and can think of an answer, item or answers to their inquiries or questions.

The main thing to comprehend is the idea of your site — you should know in which specialty, industry or classification your site falls in. Is it a blog that offers data about latest gadgets or information related fashion? Or on the other hand an eCommerce site for women accessories or Doing Local Business? Once you’ve distinguished the model of your site, you’ve actually finished initial step of picking keywords.

Types of Keywords:

  • Head Keywords – Keywords having one or two words combination.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Ex –  Samsung mobile, Classic Movies and etc.
  •  Long Tail Keywords – Combination of minimum 3 keywords words or more than 3 keywords words.

           ExClassic Hindi Movies, Importance of Keyword research in SEO etc.

  • Navigational Keywords – Keywords use to locate particular website or brand.

          Ex- Samsung, Facebook and etc.

  • Transactional Keywords – Keywords use for a customer wanting to complete a commercial action.

           Ex- Buying Clothing, Buy Mobiles and etc.

  • Informational keywords – It is used to discover information on the particular topic.

           Ex – Best Resturants in Delhi, Top MBA colleges in India and etc.

” Always confusion comes between Longtail and Transactional Keywords”.

“Transactional Keyword is a part of Longtail Keywords”.

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Now Question Comes To Mind, which Keywords are used in SEO – 

The answer,

i> LongTail Keywords.

ii> Informational Keywords.

iii> Transactional Keywords.

Best Free Keywords Research Tools in 2018 –

1.Brainstorm(Think Like Customer).

Just think if you are going to search something in google search engine which keyword you are going target.

2.Google Tools – Using Google Keyword Planner & Auto-Suggestion.

Google Keyword Tool is an official item from Google, which gives us a movement estimation of our objective Keywords and furthermore help in discovering more significant and related Keywords for your specialty. Remember you need Gmail account for any action.


I’m searching keywords “fashion business management” top volume, competition.


google keywords planner

See, Avg Monthy searches are very low which is not beneficial to make revenue.

3. Other Tools – Soovle , Semrush , Aherf , Kwfinder and etc.

soovle finder


uber suggestion uber suggestion

4. Competitor Analysis- USing Semrush, Spyfu, Seo Powersuit, Uber Suggestion and etc.

Ex- My competitor is Times Of India New channel, I want to know A2Z data about sites like organic keywords, backlinks, Monthly Visitor an etc.

Using Spyfu-


Important Of Keywords Research For Search Engine Optimization in 2018 –

Keyword analysis is that the method of finding the correct keyword for your post. This step is vital if you would like to grow your blog/website during a short span of your time and ultimately create cash or generate Revenue.

Already I discuss How to find right keywords by using tools.

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If you are a beginner and don’t want to invest money in paid tools then just use free tools which are already mentioned above.

Before going to the depth, I may mention here that ” Keyword Density ” is co-related to keyword research. When you target a keyword ( mainly Longtails ) try not to use more than thrice in 1000 word content, otherwise, it will be “Keywords stuffing” which is an cons for SEO rank factor.

keywords density

Keywords Stuffing It is an unethical process by which people try to use focus keywords (More than 3%)  and not making any sense in content which helps them to rank quicker in Search Engine within a short period of time.

Usually using the same keywords for a number of times, it alerts google as a “Spamming” which leads Google to think that you are trying to crack the system.

After Google Panda Update (2011), So be aware you might be penalized for doing Keyword Stuffing.

Well, when you get right keywords and you are using it in your content, then use that same keyword as a portion of your main title of Post.

Because eventually this Tittle will be displayed in the search engine ( which is called meta Title).

And always try to mention a relevant meta title as it will enhance to search your page/posts through engine bots.

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I hope you will make most out of it, and if you wish to add any additional tip here, your suggestions are more than welcome.

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